Massachusetts Freemasons

Welcome to Mount Olivet

  • We meet on the First Friday of each Month at the

    Cambridge Masonic Hall
    1950 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA. 02140

    (617) 354-1336

    Please join us for fellowship

News From the Secretary

  • Dear Brethren:

    My Brothers,
    Mount Olivet is being a new Masonic year, new
    obligations, new men who are knocking on our door to
    become Brothers. We are looking to welcome back those
    that have been absent and that we think of and would most gladly
    welcome back. As part of the new year, we need all Brethren to send
    in their dues so that the lodge can take care of it obligations. Mount
    Olivet is one, two, or threen menbers but the whole of all its members.
    You made an investment in your Masonic future, come back and see
    the return on your investment and help it grow.


    Wor. Robert F Stanley
    Lodge Secretary